Our Services

From luxury accommodations, private tours, unique activities, and exclusive access to events to private charters, Experium will choose every single detail to deliver high-end tailored experiences. We have established, after more than 35 years in the field, solid relationships with luxury hotels, resorts, private villas and high-end suppliers to secure exclusive privileges for our clients. We offer private transfers with luxury vehicles, private jets and other premium transportation option that will provide comfortable travel to our clients. In addition to designing bespoke travel services, we offer a premium range of experiences that will enhance your travel experience without forgetting the local history and culture of the country. Experium has in depth destination expertise allowing us to stay abreast of the latest trends, hidden gems, and exclusive offerings in different location to create extraordinary experiences for our clients.

1. Dedication
to Excellence

At Experium, our team is dedicated to creating extraordinary travel experiences. Our seasoned travel experts and local guides share a deep love for the Middle East and its rich culture, ensuring every journey exceeds expectations.

2. Personalized Attention

We tailor every journey to the traveler. Our team crafts bespoke itineraries based on your clients’ preferences and interests, providing personalized attention from consultation to farewell, ensuring every detail meets their needs.

3. Exclusive Access

Experium offers exclusive access to sought-after experiences through strong local partnerships. Clients enjoy private tours, behind-the-scenes cultural events, and intimate encounters with artisans, elevating their travel experience.