Our Experiences

Experium aim is to provide carefully curated and extraordinary travel experiences that goes beyond conventional tourism, catering unique preferences. We focus on personalized and attentive services where clients can expect a high level of service, attention to detail and assistance through their travel experience. Experium offers exclusive VIP access to events and experiences in the Middle East that are not available to the public as well as concierge services assisting our clients with any special requests, reservations, or changes during their trip. We can reserve from a fine dining experience in a high-end restaurant to a special experience in the magical desert of Al Ula or setting a candle dining in the Pyramids only for you. Experium is specialized in organizing premium tailored activities of your preference, from attending an exclusive art exhibition to showing you the hidden gems of the country. Our team will help you create this unforgettable and unique trip. We excel at understanding the unique preferences, desires, and expectations of our clients.

1. Seamless Execution

We ensure a flawless travel experience from start to finish, managing logistics like luxury transportation, premium accommodations, and exclusive event access. Our 24/7 support allows clients to relax, knowing every detail is meticulously planned.

2. Innovative Immersive Experiences

Experium creates immersive experiences that connect clients deeply with destinations. Our innovative approach combines a deep understanding of the Middle East with a commitment to exceptional service.

3. Authentic Cultural Connections

We design experiences fostering genuine local connections. Partnering with communities and experts, clients engage in traditional activities, learn history, and experience daily life through cooking classes, workshops, and storytelling.

4. Bespoke Itineraries

We curate customized experiences based on clients’ interests. Our team crafts itineraries reflecting their passions, whether they seek adventure, relaxation, or cultural enrichment, ensuring a unique, immersive journey.